l'hôtel de poules


We made a workshop with my students in master degree of public space. We asked them with Wandrille Duruflé to design a urban chicken coop.




To get students in a good way of working, we provided them two chicken that they had to care about during the workshop.

Basic demand was about providing animal users a good place for living and imagine how human users could interact with the animal. They had to find solution with the following context scenario : coop would be used in connexion with an urban cantine – so called FABLABouffe as a chicken hostel. Chicken owner would pay for coop rent and get their fresh eggs when they want.

It was a 3 days workshop. We asked students to rapid prototype a solution on the first day. Mostly, they were designing by making.

Final presentation was about showing functional prototype and user manual posters.

L’hôtel de poules

la Poule mobile.

Caddie de super-marché, bois, serrurerie métallique, grillage à poule.


Léo Pol Martin, Agathe Montel, Dris Faouzi,Léa Wlodarczyk.

Kitchen for chicken.

Bois, peinture, grillage à poule.


Thomas Frémeaux, Zoé Coruble, Aymen Rzig, Chloé Arnoux, Pierre Mouton, Noari Douan, Lola Inizan, Marie Phillippe Malou.