Stringed instruments & accessories, proudly crafted by IMAGO guitares, Jayat, France.


We work on rudimentary constructions. O family design has been thought as radical as it making process. Rudimentary forms, as evident as simple typographic design.

Our instruments deliver equilibrated sounds with a lot of dynamic. It make them really interesting to play finger picking in many kind of styles.

The project has been supported by many people who have helped us to reallize it by their donations on a crowdfunding plateform.

Bo. is a didley bo this is a really simple instrument with only one string. It is played slide with a bottle neck plugged or unplugged.

Bo3. is a 3 string version with fretted fingerboard that allows player to play it like a guitar.

stOmp is a stomp box. This piece of wood is equipped with a piezo microphone. Plugged in an amp, it plays your foot beat.

O. is the guitar. mapple neck & body, cedar top & walnut handler. Its equilibrated tone & playable length allows player to use 2 diapason. It’s like if you had a guitar & mandoline on a same instrument.

O Family

Sep 2, 2016

Imago guitare propose des instruments en bois tourné de la guitare à la basse en passant par le Ukulélé. Cette technique d’usinage permet de diminuer le nombre de pièces de bois employées dans l’assemblage de l’instrument. Cela permet d’optimiser la conduction mécanique du son. L’écriture circulaire que forme ce procédé donne son nom à la guitare et à la famille d’instruments associée : Ô